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Hot Reads: Small Investors Making Risky Bets –

Compiled by Staff

Amateur Investors Are Making Risky Bets (Bloomberg)
Mom and pop investors around the world are making bets that put them at danger of getting burned.

The Vast Expanse Of The ETF Universe In 1 Chart (Visual Capitalist)
Visualizing the wide scope of assets covered by ETFs.

Schwab: No Plans To Bring Fractional Shares To Advisory Platform (Investment News)
Some say firm is putting retail platform before institutional business.

Diversity Drives Better Outcomes (CFA Institute)
Margaret Franklin calls on industry to not only deliver alpha, but also positive change.

Should I Stay Or Should I Growth Now? (Flirting With Models)
Digging into the real value of value indexes, versus the market and growth stocks.

The Decade In Retirement (WM)
What a roller coaster this decade has been for retirement planning.

Learn From Peter Lynch, But Don’t Try To Copy (Validea)
An AQR study suggests you can’t deconstruct Lynch’s returns to identify the driving factors. 

Performance & Volatility For Sectors In The 2010s (Indexology)
Equities delivered high returns while volatility was low during the past decade. That trend could reverse for the 2020s.